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Feeling curious (or overwhelmed) about the gap between your nutrition textbooks and real-world practice?

Join the club—and the Student Crew!

You started studying nutrition because you care about helping people live healthier, happier lives.

And there’s a lot of important stuff to learn in your program… but you’re also sensing that there’s more to the story than what you’re getting in the classroom. 

“Sure, I’ve got RDAs and meal plans down… but how the heck do I fill out billing and insurance paperwork? Why doesn’t anyone talk about this?”

“It’s 2024… why are we still focusing on weight loss so much?”

 “What will I do if I have a client who has an eating disorder… or has a disability… or doesn’t eat certain foods for sensory needs or cultural reasons? We’re not really learning about that…”

“How do I actually connect with the people I’m working with and make a real difference?”

The road from good student to great dietitian isn’t exactly straightforward, but you’re not alone. That’s where the Simply You Student Crew comes in!

Welcome to a supportive space where you can learn, grow, and prepare for the “real world” as an RD. 

Inside the Simply You Student Crew, you’re in good company—specifically, in community with future RDs, guided by a practicing dietitian (hey, that’s me, Sydney!) here to pull back the curtain on everything I know. 

It’s a no-pressure learning space where no question is too big, too small, or off-limits. Here, you can learn about anything that’s on your mind, including topics that don’t often come up in your program like:

  • How to approach nutrition counseling without fixating on weight loss (or cookie-cutter meal plans that often crumble in real life) 
  • Tools and strategies for addressing clients’ complex emotions surrounding food and body image
  • Ways to look beyond the numbers, honor clients’ individual experiences, and truly collaborate with them (think patient-centered care, not “fixing”!)
  • Effective approaches to coordinating care with other care team members
  • Practical skills like running a private practice and navigating insurance

The Student Crew helps you bridge the gap between textbook theory and your future in real-world practice, helping you become the inclusive, effective, and compassionate dietitian you’re totally capable of becoming. 


What’s inside the Simply You Student Crew?

Here’s what’s waiting for you.

Through live monthly mentorship calls and resources curated by an experienced dietitian, this is the place to bring your questions, sort out the answers in candid conversation, and grow. 

Those questions about Intuitive Eating and weight inclusive care you’ve been eager to ask? 

The nutrition topics like eating disorders and harm-reductive care that have felt too taboo to talk about? 

The counseling concepts you’re stressing over and would like more help understanding? 

Bring ’em to the monthly mentorship calls!

As a member of the Simply You Student Crew, you’ll be in community with like-minded nutrition students and dietetic interns from all over.

You’ll get to build on what you’re already learning, expand your understanding of the topics you’re most interested in, and grow your confidence in a supportive space. 

No quizzes, no grades, just unlimited (and honest!) questions and answers!

I have gained so much insight into my role as a nutrition helper as a result of learning from you. 

I was given a new and much needed perspective that has really changed the way I view myself and others. Learning about the role diet culture has played in our perception of worth allowed me to step back and make me more accepting of my own body. Now I feel I am more able to leave behind my own past biases and judgements and truly accept others. 

As a result of meeting with you, I took a counseling class in grad school and am taking a second class next semester. Being a nutrition helper goes so much beyond the food eaten and body weight calculations. Knowing what I know now, I am more confident I can actually be helpful as a future RD. So grateful. 

– Blake

Simply You Student Crew Membership 

Real-time, real-world, real-deal support every month

The Simply You Student Crew is the membership community that’s just for you—a nutrition student or dietetic intern who’s interested in learning about Intuitive Eating, the Health at Every Size® approach, weight-inclusive care, eating disorders, counseling techniques, private practice, and more!

For just $10/month, your membership includes: 

A live, monthly group mentoring call (60 minutes) to get real-time answers from a practicing dietitian who’s been in your shoes

Unlimited question submissions for the call, so that everything on your mind can get covered!

Access to the full archive of call replays, so it’s easy to catch up on your own time or come back to something we discussed

A curated list of resources in Practice Better—your ongoing library of articles, tools, social media accounts to follow, other practitioners to learn from, and more!

Membership in the Student Crew is $10/month. Joining is easy, there’s no big commitment, and you’re free to cancel your membership anytime.

Thank you so much for taking the time to explain insurance billing and reimbursements to us! 

I want to operate my own private practice one day, so your presentation was an incredible resource for me. I appreciate you! 

– Makayla

You’ve been so encouraging, patient and full of advice about the internship and starting my career as a nutrition professional. 

I’m thankful for your guidance as I continue on my journey! 

– Bradyn

I’m Sydney, your mentor, guide, and professional open book

Also: a weight-inclusive, neuro-affirming dietitian on a mission to make dietetics more accessible to all.

Sydney Cavero-Egúsquiza, MS, RD/LD (she/her)

  • 11+ years of experience as a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist
  • 6+ years of experience as a Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor
  • 6+ years of experience working with individuals living with eating disorders
  • BS and MS, Nutritional Sciences, Oklahoma State University
  • Member of the International Federation of Eating Disorder Dietitians, Eating Disorder Registered Dietitians & Professionals, and the Association for Size Diversity and Health

And other unofficial titles I hold: 

  • Proud Diet Culture-Crusher
  • Inclusivity Advocate
  • Honorary Disney Cast Member (okay, not really, but I wish!)

As a practicing dietitian, supervisor, and preceptor for interns, I genuinely love supporting other RDs—so I created the Simply You Student Crew to offer even more accessible support to future RDs!

I’m here to help support your learning beyond the classroom and share real-life, real-time answers to everything you’re wondering about. We all need teachers, and we also all need mentors—people who have been in our shoes, worried about the same stuff, and learned a lot of important lessons (…sometimes the hard way!). 

When you join the Student Crew, I bring all the respect, encouragement, and insight I’ve gained from years of practice to our conversations. Together, we’ll explore the topics your textbooks don’t cover and prepare you to become an even more confident, compassionate, and inclusive practitioner.

I’m excited to get to know you!

I’m ready to answer alllllll of your questions.

And here are some you might be wondering about now!

Do I have to live in a certain place or be enrolled in a certain program to join?

No and no! Nutrition students and dietetic interns from any program, anywhere, are totally welcome here.

I’ve already graduated from my program and completed my internship—can I still join the membership?

Yes! We’re absolutely here for that gray, fuzzy time between finishing up the internship (Whew! You did great, friend!) and starting your first job or opening the doors to your private practice (you’re an in-betweenie-titian!). We’ve been there and promise you’re not alone!

Already a working professional? We got you! Check out our dietitian supervision services here.

How will I access the membership?

The Simply You Student Crew Membership is hosted through Practice Better. Here’s the link to the app: . You can access the membership content and sign into the monthly calls from anywhere!

How can I pay for the membership?

We accept all major credit cards as forms of payment.

How am I charged each month for the membership?

You’ll get charged each month on the same date as when you joined. So if you joined the membership on the 12th of the month, you’ll get charged automatically on the 12th of each subsequent month until you cancel.

Is there an annual payment option?

All payments are monthly at this time.

What if I want to cancel?

Easy! In your member portal, you can fill out a form to cancel your membership at any time.

Do you offer refunds?

No. Because of the digital nature of the membership, your monthly membership is not eligible for substitutions, exchanges, or refunds.

This is your home for honest questions, practical answers, and supportive community. 

Hone your skills and prep for the “real world” with confidence!