Meeting everyday people where they are for food peace and body liberation

Hey there, brave one. Can we let you in on a secret?

You are not a problem.  

You might have believed or been told that your body is wrong, or that you need to “fix” certain things about yourself and the foods you eat.

You might be nervous about seeking support for the first time—or trying again, after some really difficult experiences.

You might not even know how support would work for you, because whatever you’re feeling doesn’t quite fit into a box or a diagnosis.

But there’s nothing “wrong” with you—and you’re definitely not alone.

At Simply You Nutrition, we’re here to be your partner, guide, and ally on the way to a safer, more connected relationship with food and your body.

You’re worthy of respectful, compassionate care that’s 100% tailored to you—your goals, your feelings, and your healing.

Just as one-size-fits-all doen’t work for clothing, it doesn’t work for nutrition therapy, either!

So when we partner up, there are no categories you have to fit into, or rigid plans that work in a textbook but not in your actual life. Together, we’ll help you cultivate practices to find a balance for your whole self—spirit, soul, and body.

We specialize in inclusive, client-centered nutrition therapy and eating disorder treatment to help you heal from the harms of diet culture, reconnect with your sense of self, and tune into your body’s needs.


Inclusive nutrition therapy, eating disorder treatment, and education

Inclusive Nutrition Therapy and Eating Disorder Treatment

Whether you’re seeking support with disordered eating or looking to create a more connected relationship with food and your body, we honor your bravery, and we’re here for you.

Education & Supervision for Professionals

Huddle up, current and future dietitians! Together we can change dietetics for the better by learning to provide truly inclusive and trauma-informed care. We offer personalized supervision to help you hone your skills, navigate your questions, and build your practice in a way that feels right to you.

“Adding Sydney on to my health care team has been life-changing in just a few short months.”

“Sydney meets me exactly where I am and listens without judgment. She creates a safe space to share some very private thoughts, fears, or even self-judgment. Sydney definitely has a wealth of knowledge and resources that she shares generously. She knows just the right time and topic to challenge me on, which leads to the growth that I am seeking. Her concern for my well-being, as a whole person, is evident. I am eager to continue forward with her in my corner!”

– Loree

You’re the expert on your mind and body. We’re here to offer you new tools (and endless encouragement!).

Hi friend, I’m Sydney Cavero-Egúsquiza, MS, RD/LD (she/her)

Manager & Registered Dietitian

I founded Simply You Nutrition with the belief that everyone deserves to feel safe and at home in their body. 

But we’re about more than “just” food and body image. We’re really about the freedom to truly live your life as the unique individual you are. We’re about liberation from the energy-drain that is diet culture so that you can be well-nourished and have more opportunity to enjoy the things in life that really matter to you. We’re about helping you learn to honor your body, mind, and spirit, in the ways that work best for you. 

It is (truly!) our honor to be your brave place as you discover your food peace and body liberation. Let’s get to know each other!