Supervision (and support!) for dietitians

A brave space to learn, process, and grow in your career

Let’s be honest, fellow dietitians: we learned a lot on our road to becoming RDs, but there’s also a lot that we didn’t exactly learn about in our programs. 

→ We became experts in nutrition science… but not so much in everything it takes to run a private practice. (Where was the class on insurance billing?!)

→ We heard a lot about weight, body shape, and size—but not nearly enough about the ways that systems of oppression like racism and ableism influence our clients’ health too. 

→ We were trained to be the ones who could simply “fix” people and send them on their merry way… but it turns out that working with living, breathing, humans we care about is (of course!) way more nuanced than that. 

Working as an RD in private practice all too often either feels like being on an island or being left to your own devices out in the Wild, Wild West. Lonely, confusing, tricky… you name it.

But you don’t have to deal with the scaries all on your own—that’s where supervision comes in.

Why get supervision as a dietitian?

Well, even supervisors have supervisors!

If you didn’t even know that supervision existed, you’re in good company. 

Most dietitians leave school and start practicing without realizing that there’s more support available out there. Thankfully, that’s changing, because our work has so many logistical, practical, and emotional challenges that a continuing education webinar here and there can’t solve. 

No matter what stage you’re in as a practicing professional, at some point you’ll hit a tricky situation you’ll need help working through, or want to grow in a certain area you’ve never learned about before.

Maybe you’re…

  • Trying to navigate the shark-infested waters of insurance credentialing, contracting, and billing (Okay, there aren’t *actual* sharks, but…)
  • Figuring out how to better coordinate care with other members of the care team (like what does your client’s therapist NEED to know?)
  • Looking for help and consultation for a specific client’s care (especially if it’s a situation that feels like a “first” for you)
  • Wanting to hone your skills and grow your ability to work with a specific population (such as individuals living with eating disorders)
  • Learning what to do when your client’s stuff triggers your own stuff (this happens to ALL of us!)
  • And so much more! 

There’s no question you could have that’s too big, too small, or somehow not valid. Supervision gives you a place to share your freaked-out “How do I”s, frazzled “What if”s, and reflective “I’d like to”s and work through them in a neutral, confidential, supportive space.

I’m here to help you grow as a registered dietitian in a way that’s meaningful to you.

Consider me your supervisor *and* supporter.

Hi friend, I’m Sydney Cavero-Egúsquiza, MS, RD/LD (she/her)
Founder + Weight-Inclusive, Neuro-Affirming Registered Dietitian

I’d been practicing as a dietitian for years before I stumbled upon supervision. At the time, I was trying to navigate a tricky situation between a client and their therapist, and I desperately needed specific guidance from someone even more experienced. 

That situation showed me just how much of a difference it made to have an expert in my corner, and now I love getting to be that support for fellow dietitians. I don’t want supervision to be a best kept secret, because we all benefit from compassionate, confidential, and skilled backup! 

    I bring all of the experience I’ve had, lessons from past fumbles, and success with caring for clients to offer you transparent, personalized support. By this point in my career, chances are good that I’ve faced whatever you’re wondering about, too (or at least something pretty similar)! 

    (Over 11+ years in retail dietetics, healthcare food service management, and then private practice, I’ve navigated a lot: being a young manager, coordinating complicated care teams, communicating with angry patients and parents, precepting for interns, supporting patients through food insecurity and persistent eating disorders and challenges with their therapist and victories in recovery… the list goes on!)

    So as a skilled supervisor, seasoned dietitian, and totally open book, I can support you in areas like:

    • Building and sustaining a private practice
    • Working more effectively with neurodivergent clients and care team members 
    • Holding space for clients’ emotions and lived experiences 
    • Implementing harm reductive-, anti-carceral-, agentic-, and trauma-informed approaches to care
    • Caring for clients who have been labeled as “difficult,” “non-compliant,” or “treatment resistant” by other providers (not okay!)
    • Learning to practice weight-inclusive medical nutrition therapy 
    • Navigating insurance credentialing, contracting, and billing
    • Supporting your clients through eating disorder recovery, nutrition rehabilitation, and weight restoration
    • And just about anything else that’s coming up for you!

      “I wish there were more dietitians like Sydney in the field.”

      “Sydney has provided exceptional peer supervision to me. Her kindness, openness to share her own experiences, and wisdom are all qualities that I’ve learned from and applied in my practice. Her support is always genuine. I appreciate that Sydney actively works to provide a safe space regardless of the topic of conversation. She inspires me to become a better version of myself.”

      – Krystal, Registered Dietitian

      Supervision sessions for dietitians

      Compassionate, confidential support, personalized to you

      Here’s how supervision works!


      You’ll be set up with your own supervisee profile inside my EHR platform, so it’s easy for us to communicate and schedule directly. Before each session, I’ll send you a check-in form to help you sort through your thoughts. None of the questions are required, but it can be a supportive way to organize all of the information and questions you might want to ask when we meet. 

      If you have a specific client you’d like support with, you also have access to a form that can serve as a guide to help you organize your thoughts and conceptualize their care. (We all used to call these “case studies,” but real individuals aren’t “cases,” right???)


      For 60 minutes, you get to be the one receiving expert support for a change! I’m here to help you troubleshoot, process, learn, brainstorm, and work through whatever topics are on your mind. Here, it’s okay to be vulnerable, transparent, and unsure. It’s a space where you get to be 100% honest, real, and you, and I will be too! We figure things out together. 


      I follow up with notes from your session so that you can remember and look back on what we discussed. I also list any resources that I shared with you or that we talked about, so that everything’s organized in one place for you. And then you’re free to schedule another session!

      Payment details: 

      I offer equity pricing as part of Simply You Nutrition’s commitment to transparency and equitable access to our services. Historically, dietetics (along with our culture!) has taken a white-, cisgender-, and thin-centered approach to health, leaving many dietitians with different identities and backgrounds underrepresented in the field.

      There are many circumstances that might have affected your career as a dietitian and your ability to invest in supervision, like: 

      • Ability/Disability
      • Body size
      • Community support
      • Educational opportunities
      • Gender identity
      • Individual and family income
      • Race and ethnicity 
      • Sexual orientation

      With this in mind, you’re invited to choose the equity pricing option that’s accessible and appropriate for you. (You’ll be able to indicate it when you request an appointment.)

      SUPERVISION SESSION (60 minutes):

      Self-Pay — Option A: $160  | Option B: $130  | Option C: $100

      Qs and As about supervision

      Navigating your questions is what it’s all about, right?

      How often will we meet?

      Your needs are unique, so there’s no right or wrong for how often we meet or for how many sessions! It might take a couple of sessions to figure out a frequency that works best for you.

      The most common supervision frequencies are typically once every other week (biweekly) or once every month.

      Are supervision sessions in-person, virtual, or both?

      All supervision services are conducted through virtual video calls, either through Practice Better, our HIPAA-compliant electronic health record, or our HIPAA-compliant Zoom account.

      Since services are virtual, can I use an app to access them?

      Yes! Supervision with Simply You Nutrition is hosted through Practice Better. Here’s the link to the app: . You can attend your sessions, schedule new sessions, and interact with your supervisor from anywhere. You can also access your client portal on a desktop through this link.

      Do I have to live in Oklahoma in order to schedule supervision?

      No! No matter where you’re located, you can seek out supervision with us.

      How can I pay for supervision services?

      We accept all major credit cards as forms of payment.

      Do you offer equity pricing for supervision?

      Yes! We’re here to create a brave and inclusive supervision space for all dietitians, especially BIPOC, fat, LGBTQIA+ dietitians and dietitians living with disabilities. Historically, BIPOC, fat, and LGBTQIA+ individuals and individuals living with disabilities are underrepresented in the dietetics profession, so we offer equity pricing to make supervision more accessible.

      Do you offer refunds?

      Supervision services are not eligible for substitutions, exchanges, or refunds. When purchased and/or rendered, our services are final sale.

      More questions?